The Classified Senate represents the voice of the classified staff in all participatory governance matters. The Classified Senate also actively collects, evaluates, and disseminates information to the classified staff; provides classified staff with a formal representative voice in recommending institutional policies and procedures, college goals, plans and priorities; and represents the collective interests of the classified staff before or on any governance or college committee. 


  • To provide classified staff with a formal structure and effective procedure for participation in the College’s Participatory Governance System, including the development of the College Mission, Vision, Values, plans, policies, and matters related to Accreditation. 
  • To support classified staff participation in college and statewide committees, dealing with governance, planning, and policies. 
  • To promote professional development for all classified staff. 
  • To provide leadership opportunities for classified staff. 
  • To foster communication, understanding and mutual support among the classified staff. 
  • To provide a centralized means of communication between classified staff and the rest of the college community, including but not limited to, administrators, faculty, students and the Board of Trustees. 

2022—2023 Elected Senators


  • Maridel Barr, President           
  • Monica Applegate, Vice President
  • Janis Olson, Secretary
  • Kim Foulger, Treasurer, Past-President


  • Melanie Palomino
  • Manny Rodriguez
  • Sally Wong
  • Alison Brier Welch
  • Lauren Amundson

Constitution & Bylaws

In November 2010, the Classified Senate recommended a revision to the Classified Senate Constitution and Bylaws that updated the documents and clarified procedures to reflect current practice. 

The revised Constitution and Bylaws were approved by a majority vote of the Classified Staff on November 29, 2010, and Article III was amended in May 2012. 
Constitution, Bylaws, and Statement of Ethics