Classified Professionals Handbook

The College of Marin Commitment: We believe College of Marin can be more agile, more creative, more respectful and more unified. College Council has prepared a working document that will serve as a shared community commitment.

The COM Commitment has three basic objectives: To establish a system for quality improvement, to establish a decision-making process based on data and broad input and to establish a new method of communication and cooperation.

To thrive as a learning institution in the 21st century, we must become a vital and decisive community. We must balance dedication to building input and involvement with sustaining an organization that acts quickly enough to address needs and seize opportunities. We, at College of Marin, shall dedicate ourselves to:

  • fostering student success.
  • primarily serving the needs of the residents of Marin County while including others who can benefit from and contribute to our learning community.
  • establishing a dynamic and creative workplace.
Therefore, faculty, staff, and students at College of Marin will:
  • put students’ needs first.
  • participate in the decision-making process.
  • foster collaboration without boundaries.
  • embrace improvement and change as a perpetual process.
  • celebrate success.
Leaders at College of Marin will:
  • solicit input and listen to community members.
  • make timely and informed decisions.
  • translate the institution’s vision into action plans.
  • inspire college members to overcome barriers to change.
The College and the Community will:
  • treat others with dignity and respect.
  • listen and compromise.
  • argue on the basis of factual evidence.
  • abide by the outcomes achieved through agreed-upon processes of political debate and deliberation.
  • publicly affirm the validity of that process even when the decision reached runs counter to one’s own preferences.*

*National Center for Public Policy and the Knight Higher Education Collaborative

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